Friday, March 20, 2015

Hello everyone.
It has been a very long time since I have posted. Trying again to get back into blogging.  There has been some smashing going on in my crafting area.  By smashing I mean getting those bits and pictures put into one of my many K&Company Smash books.  I will gather some pictures to post to maybe motivate you to either get scrapping or smashing. 
Happy Smashing

Monday, September 26, 2011

Apple picking

Logan just makes you want to go out and pick some apples. He asked that I take a picture of him taking a big bite. haha he just makes me smile. I did get some pictures of the apples to use as backgrounds in my digital scrapbooking :)

Button Buddies class

I am missing one of the cards because I had a bad picture and my camera has decided to take a mental health day and wont turn on. haha So this card here is one of the others. It is the cute fat pig. Add a pink button snout and he becomes full of personality.

This card is really simple. You can add different sizes of buttons to the middle of this one.

Here is my little snail. Its hard to see but I thought the swirls on the background fit him. The button used is from the Holiday mini and comes with 4 sizes and 2 colors. This green and red.

This little cutie is using some of the flower buttons from last sale a bration freebies. I also used the new snowflake embossing folder. It does not really look like snowflakes here so it worked.

I will try to get a new picture of the cherry card. Until then.. Happy stamping

Monday, September 5, 2011

Birthday card for Wesley

This is a card for Wesley's Birthday. Dont think he has ever gotten a homeade card :) This one uses the set called Button Buddies. They just look like they are heading to a party all decked out in their best shells. Super cute.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Teacher gifts - Birthday card kit

Here is my attempt at a Birthday card kit for Jenna and Logan's teachers. The idea is to have one card for each child in class for their Birthdays. One teacher I do not know and the other is the beloved K teacher that Rebecca had. I hope they like these. I rememer when I got a nice note from my teacher so I hope the kids enjoy getting these special little notes.
I used the Stampin Up clear cases which have a sleeve just like a regular DVD case. It was easy to design something and slip it in thru the sides. I used the Broadsheet Alphabet set. It was hard to get the letters to fit so I did them in a curve and then added a triple scoop ice cream to fill in the space :) Below is front and back view. The paper is double sided so there is a pattern on the inside of the case as well.

Below are the cases with the 17 cards and envelopes strategically placed inside along with a gel pen. The cards are fat because of buttons and puff glue dots so the teacher better be careful when opening. I did 17 in both because one class has 15 kids and the other has 16 and I wanted each teacher to have at least one extra in case a new student came in. Yes I LOVE the class sizes in WI.

Here is a group shot of all the cards. I tried to make them fairly generic so I didnt have to count boys and girls.

This is using the Button Buddies stamp set that just begs for a button to be added. So cute. Love the little piggy the best.

These little guys use the hot air balloons from the Up, Up & Away set.

These little cards make me want to go get an ice cream cone. I used the embossing folder on the circle that has Happy Birthday all over it in different fonts. Hard to see the detail in the pictures. The scoops of course are embossed with the swirls folder to give it that yummy ice cream look. I even attempted mint chip which is one of my favorites... (minus the chips for those of you who know me hehe)

These little guys are my cupcakes. Super easy to make.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary Dan - Button Buddies

This is the silly card I made Dan for our Anniversary. We have been thru some belly deep mud and small puddles but we are still as happy as 2 pink pigs in a mud pen. I love you Dan and thank you for all the blessings you have brought to this marriage.
This is one of the stamp sets I will be using for the next camp on Sept 16th and 18th.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Smash book.... continued

So the smashing continues.... I love my smashbook. I got an email coupon from Archivers.... so I printed one for myself and Rebecca. We went in and I got this groovy baby blue one and she got a black one. 30% off I could not resist. My next one will be red.

this is the cutest card ever... Marybeth made this for Logans 5th B-day. It is Puff the magic dragon. She used all Stampin Up punches to make this. Too cute for me.

This is a side view so you can see the layers

this is my decorating idea page. I am just getting started.....

Stay tuned for more idea. My next post will be Stampin UP cards I promise.